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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-08-29

If we knew for sure the family would already be called Indo-Tyrrhenian. I'd put it as follows: as non-IE languages go, Etruscan is one of the most promising candidates for a genetic relationship with IE. The main problem is that our knowledge of Etruscan is very imperfect. There are not enough Etruscan words with well-established meanings to test the regularity of sound correspondences. It's also a pity that Etruscan is virtually an isolate. Apart from the "Etruscoid" language of the Lemnos Stele (just a few sentences) and some very enigmatic languages known from short inscriptions, like Rhaetic of Camunic, which are difficult to relate to anything, the Tyrrhenian part of the hypothetical superfamily is represented by a single language, or rather its disiecta membra.
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From: Anne Lambert
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Dear List,
To whomever: I asked a few weeks ago how (if at all) Etruscan is related to
IE, but got no answer. I'm still curious.  Thank you, Anne