Re: [tied] was Nestor a profi?

From: george knysh
Message: 14784
Date: 2002-08-29

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> The Cronik of Nestor is considered to be a reliabel
> source
> and, for his time, Nestor showed to be a very well
> informed
> person about the thirbes, folks, and all what he
> wrote about.
> There is a problem for me again with the valahians.
> Nestor, who knew well the difference between several
> folks
> tell us about the people living in Panonia as the
> Hungarian
> came , that there are to find a romanized population
> called
> "pastores romanus", slovaks and valahians./etc. cut
for economy GK/

*****GK: I don't know which version of "Nestor's
Chronicle" (or translation) you are using. The oldest
extant manuscripts thereof know nothing of "roman
pastors". The text (Laurentian version) simply notes
that when the Hungarians crossed the Carpathians, they
entered a country inhabited by "Vlakhs/Volokhs" and
"Slavs" (not Slovaks). The source of your problem is
thus not here. Check your sources more carefully. In
any case, for "Nestor" (viz. all authors of the
Chronicle) the Zemlya Voloshska was Italy.*****

BTW what's a "profi"???

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