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Date: 2002-08-29

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> Pleeeez! It's a personal name, not an ethnonym, and it's
Vologaesus (Wologaisos), actually. Looks strangely Celtic-like
(as if = *Valo-gaisos 'princely spear'?), but then perhaps a
reflex of *gHaisos, whether inherited or borrowed (from Greek
or Celtic), existed in Thracian.
> Anyway, you can't derive Slavic *volxU (-lo-, -la-, -olo-)
from anything like that.
> Piotr

[Moeller] i remmeber Nestor in this "Povesti vremeny Let uses
"voloh"-". I have no ideea what slavic languages do but they
used that word:-)
And the connection celtic-dacian was often made , more or less
with best arguments. We dont have to forget the celts were
neighbours with dacians, and even they lived a lot together
.But fact is fact. Even if a personal name it fits. In the
slavic the methatesis is something usual and from volox to
vlox and later b=v to blach is the right way. If this is not
so, it should be demonstrated.