Re: [tied] Question for Piotr

From: george knysh
Message: 14760
Date: 2002-08-29

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
in book LIV : 34
> Dio Cassius tells us about a leader of the Bessi who
> was
> called Vologeses ( I typed wrong before, so not
> Vologenses but
> Vologeses)
> Of course this is long time before the slavs
> appeared at the
> border of roman empire , but there are some indicies
> for me,
> this is why I asked for it.
> The greek word is,unfortunately, not in my book. YOu
> are right
> in your assumption, I think that Vologeses=voloh:-)

*****GK: In Cassius Dio's text, Vologeses the Bessian
from Thrace is mentioned among a number of other
protagonists, who for their part bear clearly Thracian
names. What is interesting is that this name VOLOGESES
was also borne by no less than SIX Parthian monarchs.
The Bessian Vologeses was a "priest" of the Thracian

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