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Date: 2002-08-29

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>hmmm... hmmm.. that is funny. Is there to accept that the
>rumanians have had no "become"- verb in their language until
>they got that verb from french?That would be unlikely..and
>preatty late.. XVI centuries or so..

That's perfectly acceptable. The Romance languages generally
have no verb
corresponding to English "to become". Spanish, for instance,
doesn't have such
a verb (you can use <hacerse> "to make oneself" or <volverse>
"to turn onself",
but usually other lexical methods exist, e.g. "to become old"
= envejecer, "to
become red" = enrojecer, etc.).

[Moeller] and I should complete, the verb "become" was with
easiness avoided by the reflexive form of "to make" . I dont
know if in spanish is possible too, but these kind of
constructions " sã ma fac/te faci/se facã/ne facem/va
faceti/se fac doctor(i)" is a easy way for " sã devina
doctor". And of course trough some prefixes how in spanish
"en" in rum. "îm"


a. moeller