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Date: 2002-08-28

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<fost> is the past participle, newly created on the perfect
stem fu- and
following the model of ponere / pos(i)tu. Latin didn't have a
past passive
participle of the verb <esse> (only a future ptc. <futu:rus>),
and the Romance
languages have created new forms to express this: Spa/Port.
sido < seditu "sat",
Fra/Occ/Cat/Ita été, estat, stato < sta:tu "stood", Romanian
fost, Aromanian

[Moeller] thank you Miguell. Is something known if umbrian or
oscan have had a past pasive for <esse>? I just ask because
even in the romanian dictionary we find as fallow:
rum. "a fi"= infinitive form of "to be", from lat. *sum, fui,