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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-08-28

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From: guto rhys
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> *gHaiso- occurs only in Celtic and Germanic with the meaning 'spear, javelin' (Latin gaesum, Gk. gaison ~  gaisos 'javelin' are of course loans from Gaulish). But Gk. kHaion 'shepherd's staff' (< *gHaisom) is a likely cognate.
>> Does it have a reflex in English?
Of course, how else? Guess what it is. :)
> What is the relation between Latin 'gladius' and Welsh 'cledd' (=sword, from '*cladobio', according to University of Wales Dictionary)?
The OIr. cognate of <cledd, cleddyf> is <claideb>. It seems to me that Lat. gladius with its irregular phonetics can only be a loan from Gaulish. Lat. culter 'knife' is perhaps related, if the Celtic word is ultimately a derivative of *kel- 'cut, pierce, split'.