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Date: 2002-08-28

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> A similar anomaly occurs in Latin bestia "beast, animal,
deer" < *dHwes-

Interesting is, if we make a commparation for the past form
of "to be " in latin and umbrian we will se as fallow:
lat. = erit
umbrian = fust
romanian = fost
In latin and other neolatin languages I dont remember to have
such forms.
And again an another simility:
lat. = fossa
umbrian= sant
romanian= santz ( in rumanian it is supposed to be a loanword
from german Schantze, sich verschanzen)
The german Word has its trouble: ->Woher das Wort Schanze
kommt, bleibt selbst nach dem Studium von Kluges
Etymologischem Wörterbuch unklar. Eine Entlehnung aus dem
Italienischen sei denkbar, steht dort, wobei die
vorgeschlagenen Ursprungswörter (scanso = Abwehr, scansia =
Gestell) nicht überzeugend seien

I see many umbrian and oscan ords with similarity with the
today romanian language, but they never existed in latin. I
will prepare a list for it.


a. moeller