Re: [tied] Re: lat. barbatus

From: Miguel Carrasquer
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Date: 2002-08-27

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>> >[moeller] I dont have problems with. But this "bã" is common
>> >to all , and just for males or males atributes ( barba). Do
>> >you think could it be just a simple coincidence?
>> Yes.
>> [Moeller] thank you very much Miguell for sharing your
>> opinion.
>I suspect it is now more than mere coincidence. Meanings shift, and
>words come and go. Once an association has been developed
>between "bã" and maleness, words beginning thus will be more likely
>to acquire and keep an associated meaning. Clusters of unrelated,
>phonetically similar words with similar meanings are not unusual.

You are of course right. As a matter of fact, I considered replying something
along these lines, but then opted for the shorter answer ("Yes"), because, after
all, coincidence is what makes these "clusters".

>To call "bã" a 'root' would be misleading, for the associated words
>are *not* derived from it.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal