Re: lat. barbatus

From: richardwordingham
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Date: 2002-08-27

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> >[moeller] I dont have problems with. But this "bã" is common
> >to all , and just for males or males atributes ( barba). Do
> >you think could it be just a simple coincidence?
> Yes.
> [Moeller] thank you very much Miguell for sharing your
> opinion.

I suspect it is now more than mere coincidence. Meanings shift, and
words come and go. Once an association has been developed
between "bã" and maleness, words beginning thus will be more likely
to acquire and keep an associated meaning. Clusters of unrelated,
phonetically similar words with similar meanings are not unusual.

To call "bã" a 'root' would be misleading, for the associated words
are *not* derived from it.