From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14541
Date: 2002-08-26

Hi together,

I was trying to find the difference of "barde"= ax and
"barba"= beard
The outgoing point was the discution with latin barba<
*bhardha and the fact the german ethymology of Hallebarde send
us to the same PIE radical.
But how I got the information, in latin never was a "barde" ,
in old french too, there should have been not a barde in the
sens of "axe, ax".
This word is to find in hungarian (bart) and rumanian too
"bardã" with the same meaning= ax where the romanian word
should be a loanword from hungarian.
The Langobards have the "bard" in their name too but I ask
myself if there the meaning of bard should be bart (beard) and
not axe. Fact is that langobards is a composed name where both
compositions make sense:
lango+bards= long axes
lango+barts= long beards
Who called langobards in this way?
Are there already explanation for "barde"= ax and Langobards?

best regards

a. moeller