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Date: 2002-08-20

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> The numbers 1-10 are directly inherited from Latin. The construction
> numerals betwen eleven and 20 is a calque from Slavic.
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> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
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[Moeller] it seems so. But just it seems.From the linguistic point of
view appears partly to come from latin but historicaly you have no
support for it. And in this case this "it seems" is more weaker Only a
litle joke here. It is supposed with latin words into romanian you can
make a sentence(casa mea are multe ferestre), just with slavic words you
cannot. For sure, the people who said it are right. But they forget to
say, you can make a sentence just with words from substrate. Here a

"Copilul gãsi gheara cârligului aburcând butucul reazemului."

A such a sentence would make someone a bit more as curious, and of
course, will open a lot of questions.

best regards

a. moeller