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Date: 2002-08-20

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> On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 18:36:54 +0200, alexmoeller@... wrote:
> >[Moeller] not only that one Thorsten. There is an imensity of words
> >romanian which ar supposed to come from latin ( most of them rightly)
> >but a lot are form fantesist popular latin word.
> >For instance " to learn" into romanian is [i:nva:t,a] supposed to
> >from a funny in-vitiare ( to viciate)
> >an another could be a scutura where it was necesary to invente an
> >*excutulare, where in fact latin have had the "quatio" for this one
> Rubbish. The numerals are inherited, the names of the months are
> borrowings (from ecclesiastical Greek/Church Slavonic, at least in the
case of
> octombrie).

[Moeller] I doubt .The construction one over teen is not a latin one and
the numerals are almost the same:
PIE *oinos , irl. oen(haon), cymr. unu, bret. eun(art.), un
(pron.indef.), umbric unu, osc. *unu, lat. unus, rom unu
PIE *duo old irl. dou (irl. do), cymr. dwy ( cit. dui), bret. dou, umbr
du-(r), lat. duo, alb. due(duej), lit. du, old prussian dwai, got.
twei, skt. twa-(m), rom doi
PIE *trei old irl. tri, cymr. tri, bret,. teir, umbic tri-f(tre-f,
acc.tres), lt. tres, alb. tre, grec treis, skt. trayah(m),tri, lit.
trys, got. threis, hitt. tri, old slav. trije, rom. trei
PIE *kUetour, old irl. cethair, cymr. pedwar, cornic. peswar, gal.cont.
petru, umbr. petur, osc. pettiur, lat. quattor, grec. pettares, alb
kate:r,lit ketur, old slav. , Cetire, rom. patru
IE *penkue old irl. coic, cymr. pump, bret pump, gal.cont.
pempe,osc-umbr. pumpe, lat quinque, alb. tosk pese: ( gheg pense:),skt
panCa,got fimf,hitt. panta, rom. cinci
PIE *seks, irl. se, gal. chwech, umbric ses, lat sex, skt, shash, alb
Giaste:,lit SeSe, let. Sesi, rom. shase
PIE *septm old. irl. secht, cymr. saith, lat septem, got sibun, alb.
shtate:,hitt, Sipta, skt. Sapta, rom. shapte
PIE *okto irl. ocht, cymr wyth, umbric uft, osc uht, lat octo, grec.
okto, skt. aSta, got ahtan, lit. Astuo, rom. opt
PIE *nou, irl. noin, bret naun, lat. nouem, umbric nuvim, osc. nuvim,
got. niun, skt.nva, avest. nava, rom noua.
PIE *dekm old irl. deich, cymr. deg, cret dek, osc., deke-, umbr.
dese-8n), lat decem, alb dhjete:,skt daSa, avest. dasa, tom zece.

So, why latin? some are identic utih skt. and avestan, some identic with
baltic some looks more osco-umbric.. I dont think is so clear as the
water this is inherited from latin.And if we think about the
construction of numerals betwen eleven and 20 we are lost in space.