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Date: 2002-08-19

> Anyway, Alex' proposal was that this Dacian which is then the origin
> of Romanian was a language between Slavic and Italic. Let me guess
> that Slavic (eg. Russian) det-i "children" is cognate with Latin fet-
> ? Of course, in historical linguistics languages have their own will,
> so to speak, you don't have to come up with an explanation why
> Romanian chose to use the Latin root *fet- which before that time was
> used only in poetry, but which is used in a neighbouring language.
> But it is a bit of a coincidence, don't you think?
> Torsten
[Moeller] not only that one Thorsten. There is an imensity of words in
romanian which ar supposed to come from latin ( most of them rightly)
but a lot are form fantesist popular latin word.
For instance " to learn" into romanian is [i:nva:t,a] supposed to come
from a funny in-vitiare ( to viciate)
an another could be a scutura where it was necesary to invente an latin
*excutulare, where in fact latin have had the "quatio" for this one
an another is "wet" in rom.=ud supposed to be the latin udus. But it was
as well as dead at the time Trajan first arrived in Balkans, and used
too, just in poetry.
for wet PIE=*ued>traco-dac>ud>rom>ud
the wonderfully is but, " to think" which is supposed to come from
hungarian "gond".
Into romanian you have "ga:nd" and the PIE *ghend >traco-dac *gandi>rom.
ga:ndi is something else I guess.( even neglish has guess:-))
" to find" is supposed to come from slav "gasiti", but this is semantic
very diferent while slav gasiti means to estinguish the fire.There was a
slavic word (gadati) but we cannot derive from it the romanian ga:si.
to find PIE *ghed >traco-dac>*gadi>rom. ga:si

I dont want to make a big list here, I dont have the space for it. But
we should have to take a look at the simple things like numerals. For
instance eight and ten.
They could never ever come from latin because normaly into romanian the
latin word "octo" should give perfectly into romanian "opt" . the same
,ten, "dece" should give "zece". So is it , into romanian we have opt
and zece .But we have the months octombrie and decembrie .The difference
here is that octombrie and decembrie we know for sure trhey are latin
words ( rumanians old words are gustar and gerar) so the opt and zece
are supposed to come from latin. The comparation among octombrie /octo
/opt and decembrie /dece /zece shows that the romanins got something
from latin ( the months) but not the opt and zece ( the numerals)
It is too very nice to see, the romanins have a lot of "z" in theri way
to speak. In the conjucation of the verb , in names , in words and so
on. A lot of these words are supossed to be from substrate ( bra:nza,
ga:lbeaza, viezure,barza:,buza etc) .It is pretty strange of a latin
population who never have had "z" to have soo much "z" in their words
nou , but better i stop here. I am not aware how many population in
Europa stiil say for "zeus" too with "z". The rumanisn do it for sure.
And we have in the artefakts from Vien,. in the founds called
"Arminus"-coins from Dacia, the inscription with greek characters "Zal"
for "diety", even here with "z". Let us say, I just wonder now and I see
there is a lot to do into this field.