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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-08-19

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> > I don't get your point. Do you know any other language between
India and Scandinavia where "tungel" means "moon"?
> I don't, and that's the whole point ;)
> Piotr

Isn't "tungel" one of the "we call it, they call it" words? What are
they really? What is the origin of this discrepancy? If there was an
invasion, immigration, call it what you will, to Scandinavia, eg.
around 0 CE (when as a result of Drusus' and Tiberius' campaigns, all
of the -leben names in Thuringia and environs were under Roman
control), it would be easy to explain these words as liguistic
flotsam from a ethnically heterogenous army (and cf the account of
the Indian given as a present to Q Metellus Celer by the king of the
Suevi). If not, what is the alternative? Of course, we can alway
relegate "tungel" to the 30%-language, but isn't that a bit too easy?