Re: [tied] for Alvin

From: altamix
Message: 14338
Date: 2002-08-15

> <-osh> is a suffix which adds a kind of caress to the word in Albanian
> as in <bukur/osh>. <osh> means caress in Albanian.

[Moeller] it sound very interesting this "osh" Alvin. I dont know how the prononciation is, but i guess there is a link with the rumanian sufix "ash" which is too a kind of diminutiv
for a "litlle child" the rumanians use copil+ash where this "sh" is pronounced like the sound from "sh" in english.But in rumanian is too an another sufix "ush". For instnace for a little dog ther is ca:tel+ush
Anyway, both suffixes are used for diminutives or when you try to make a little "childish" something.. uuuuuuuupss eng. "ish" seems to fits too here.. hehe:)))
I ask myself if this is a slavic sufix which is borowed by albanians and rumanians or maybe this sufix is from the substrate of both languages ( alb. and rom.)

best regards

a. moeller