Re: [tied] for people who know albanian

From: mbikqyres
Message: 14336
Date: 2002-08-15

Hello !
<balë> is generally used for 'a white spot' in Albanian, not only used
in relation to horses like "balash/balosh" but to other animals as
well, as "balo" for a dog with a white spot in front, "baloj" for a
bullock with white spots. Also used in several forms for giving
different characters to people.
<kazil> is a black bullock (<ka> is Albanian word for 'bullock', and
<zi> is Albanian word for 'black'). I saw some sort of relation to the
example brought by Piotr "<karosz> 'black horse'"

<-osh> is a suffix which adds a kind of caress to the word in Albanian
as in <bukur/osh>. <osh> means caress in Albanian.


--- In cybalist@..., "altamix" <altamix@...> wrote:
> If this "balash/balosh" thing is genuine, I suspect Slavic
> influence: the suffix <-osz> (also widespread in Slavic
> hypocoristic names like Milos^) is common in Polish
> horse-related terms like <karosz> 'black horse', <siwosz>
> 'grey horse', <bial/osz> 'white horse', <gniadosz> 'bay' and
> <srokosz> 'roan'.
> Piotr
> [Moeller] I dont know if this is genuine or not Piotr. This
> is why I asked someone who knows albanian, because my source
> said the albanians have too a word "balash" which is
> supposed to have the same meaning as the romanian
> balan/balai.We should have to wait,maybe an albanian would
> reply us.