Re: [tied] The Slavic 'bat' word, *pt-, and the fate of *-o:r

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2002-08-07

But remember that the association between bats and vampires was made only
after discovery of hematophagous bats in Tropical America.
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>If the above makes any sense at all, and if the derivation of Slavic *pero
'feather' from *pterom (Gk. pteron) is correct, why not analyse the Slavic
'bat' word, *netopyrI (or was it *-pyrjI ?), as descendent from
*nekWto-pto:r, where *-pto:r would represent the compositional form of
*peto:r 'feather (coll.), wing', of which PGmc. *feþro: is a derivative.
Though *neto-pyr- is routinely analysed as 'nocturnal X', where the most
natural interpretation of 'X' would be something like 'flier', I've never
seen a convincing etymology of *-pyr- as 'flier, flutterer' or as anything
else for that matter.
>Any comments?

Sounds good to me.

I've been wondering: is (v)o~pyrI (R. upyr') "vampire" in any way

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

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