Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

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Date: 2002-08-06

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Betreff: Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

Hello !
Is Albanian 'vërtit/s' (grind; twist) a Slavic loan ?
I heard a Kosovo-Albanian telling a Macedonian-Albanian not to use
this word anymore because he thought it was Slavic.
Albanian meaning of the word 'vërtis' is making an object go around
one centre. I find this word in similar meaning in Italian and
English. Their meaning matches Albanian 'vorbull' (eddy; vortex),
also water going around/down one center/hole, what made me think of
the Albanian 'vërrë' (hole) - the most known form 'vrimë'- as in the
phrase 'një vërrë në ujë' (a hole in the water, meaning, worthless

Also, is Albanian 'vërdallë' (on the prowl) a Turkish loan ?


[Moeller] there is in romanian i:n +varti as a verb and there is an old
object used for preparing some wolle which is caled "va:rtelnita", and
the twist made by water which is called va:rtej
The supposed ethiimology in romanian is as fallow:
for the verb a:nva:rti= slav. vrUtEti
for the nounce va:rtelnita: = bg. vArtelka
for the nunce va:rtej = slv. vArteZu