Re: [tied] The phonetic value of PIE *h3 and the 'drink' root.

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 14219
Date: 2002-08-04

Miguel, concerning the ablaut in *po:ds/*pedos:
>What about *w�dr, *w�dn(e)s?

Again, this is the same ablaut. It is understandable
only once we accept simple constraints on the
occurence of *a (> *o) and the penultimate accent of
Mid IE (MIE *wat:en/*wet:enase, *pat:/*pet:ase).

>I can see no difference in principle between a syllable
>structure -eys and a structure -ewg (except for the
>voicing of teh final consonant). Do you have an

I have to agree in this skepticism. Due to the odd
syllabic structure of the causitive, it can't even be
traced back beyond the Late IE period in any way I'm
aware of. It would seem to be formed out of the
already existant o-grade. What shows the causitive to
be ancient?

- gLeN

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