Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 14208
Date: 2002-08-03

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 13:40:42 +0200, alexmoeller@... wrote:

>the argument is weak indeed, but it doesnt change the situation too
>much. If we take the old slavic word "trUgU" we have corespondents
>without metathesis in baltic langauges too , in sweden too, so it seems
>it is not a specificaly balcanic this word and I dubt the baltic and the
>sweden got it from slavs too.
>But because this word is to find on such a big area , I dont see why the
>rumanians and albanians to get it from slavs. Due the fact the slavs are
>coming almost at last in the histroy, it seems more probable they
>borrowed it from somewhere else.

In Carl Darling Buck's dictionary, Rom. târg (tîrg), Swe. torg, Dan.
torv, Lith. turgus and Latv. tirgus are explained as borrowings from
Slavic (Russian, Bulgarian) *trgU. About OCS trUgU, S-C trg, Cze.
trh, Pol. targ and Russ. torg (there is in fact no metathesis in the
Slavic word, merely different developments of syllabic *r.), it is
said: "either cognate with or loanword fr[om] the Illyrian word which
is the source of the name Tergeste (= Triest)".

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal