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Date: 2002-07-31

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> > They produced salt in the area around Halle (in Thuringia,
> There is an ancient salt mine in Bad Hallein, Austria.
> > Celtic doesn't have *s- -> *h- (like Greek), or? Might there be
> another candidate laguage in that area with that development?
> Brittonic Celtic (Welsh, Cornish, Breton) does have this change!
The Welsh for 'salt' is <halen> (cf. OIr. salann). In inscriptional
Gaulish *s is preserved as <s>, but since Gaulish and Brittionic are
close relatives, it's quite possible that some of the continental
dialects treated their *s's in the Bryttonic way, and this indeed has
been argued to explain the <hal-> toponymy.
> Piotr

Not to forget Hallstatt itself, where I now learn they also mined