Re: [tied] The phonetic value of PIE *h3 and the 'drink' root.

From: anthonyappleyard
Message: 14119
Date: 2002-07-23

I still think that H2 and H3 were two epiglottal fricative sounds
that survive in Arabic to the present day: 2MuH2ammad2 (the prophet)
and "H3aram" = "sacred, forbidden"; and the ayin sound as in "H3ayn"
= "spring = watersource" or "eye". Note that with the root [p-H3]
= "drink", PIE [pipH3eti] became Sk. [pibati] with voicing. The
tendency of H2 and H3 to turn [e] into [a] and [o] points to the
Arabic sounds rather than to the [kh] and [gh] fricatives.