Re: [tied] IE place-name suffixes?

From: Robert B Wilson
Message: 14084
Date: 2002-07-20

Perhaps this suffix could be related to the English adjectival suffixes
-an, -n, and -ana.

"Pavel Lurje" <pavlvslvria@...> pekat:
> Dear collegues.
> I'm now examining a very active Iranian place-name suffix -a:na,
> -ana (New Persian -a:n, e.g. Tehra:n or Esfaha:n). Maybe, it is some
> rather old contamination of different suffixes and endings, such as
> patronymia in -ana, verbal Nomina Loci in -na and thematic Gen. Pl.
> in -a:na:m, maybe not.
> With my minimal knowledge of Indoeuropaean studies I tried to find
> any corresponding place-name suffigia in other IE languages (it can
> be IE *-a(:)no-, *-e(:)no- or *-o(:)no-), but with minimal success.
> (German: Brehmen, Muenchen or Saarbruecken are merely plural, or
> not?)
> I'm very interested if you can name me something similar in other
> groups of IE languages, or if you can state there are no
> correspondences of this suffix (in it's toponymical usage) in the
> fellow-languages of IE family.
> Will be grateful for any suggestions, references of www-links.
> Best regards,
> Pavel Lurje.

Robert Wilson (Elentirno Pereldar) (mailto:han_solo55@...)
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I yessess� �a Quetta ar Quetta n� as Eru ar Eru n� Quetta.
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