dacian "dava"

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Date: 2002-07-18

I studied the maps from Tabula Peuntagina and I hame some questions.
Does anyone know the historic of the dacian suffix "dava"?
I have no idea where for the first time this suffix appear. Fact is, in
Tabula Peuntagina there is no suffixes with "dava" but as we cann see,
"dana" or "daua" or "daia" or in some cases "bana","baua" or "baia".
For the last three ,"bana", "baua" and "baia" I can be wrong because the
"b" is a greek letter like the russian "b" and "u" is too like in
russian , where i tought it could be "u" or "i".
As a matter of fact, we have near the so-called "Acidava" the name
"novas" wehre the letter "v" is indeed as a "v" to see but completly
different as the leters used in all suffixes with "dava".Can it be that
someone did a mistake and this was not observed until now or just it
have been ignorated?
I should greately apreciate your opinions. For people who will like to
see by themselfs the maps from tabula peuntagina, I reccomand the
fallowing url:

best regards

a. moeller