Re: [tied] A problem with PIE *p(o)lH-

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
Message: 14040
Date: 2002-07-17

Just a pair of wild guesses:
1. acute is caused by a _tautosyllabic_ laryngeal (or what?), so *pl.Hi's would yield no acute.
2. *pilis (or whatever reflex of *plH-) was re-analyzed as a (relatively) late derivative of _pi`lti_ and usual derivational metatony was applied.
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> Gr. _po'lis_ 'town' is routinely compared with Lith. _pili`s_

Balto-slavonic accentuation laws are for me rather like the north face of
the Eiger, not yet conquered.  So can someone who does understand them tell
me why the accent has not retracted, according to Hirst's Law?


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