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> > But the Aestii are routinely (though not absolutely reliably)
> identified
> > with the West Balts... A p-Celtic Prussia, later conquered by the
> West
> > Balts?
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> If you are to believe Tacitus, apparently yes. But it would fit in
> nicely with my idea that Denmrk then was part Celtic (Cimbri), part
> Old-Germanic speaking.
> Torsten

from Bent Søndergaard: Indledende studier over den nordiske
stednavnetype lev (löv):

Islev, Rødovre sogn, Sokkelund herred

1370-80 Estløwa
1377 Estløwæ
1538 Isløf
1575 paa Islef Mark
This is on Sjælland, northwest of Copenhagen.

The first element has been interpreted as gen.plur. of the ethnonym
<esti> "man from Estonia". The -lev toponyms are generally considered
migration period or older. The people in question would then be
Aestii, not Estonians.
There is an Isterød, too, north of Copenhagen. The -rød (clearing)
names are considered late, Viking age, I believe. North Sjælland was
cleared and cultivated rather late