Re: [tied] Thracian -Satem

From: Pavel Lurje
Message: 14006
Date: 2002-07-14

The most common element <-para>, which must have meant something rather commonplace like 'village, settlement', has no certain etymology. Duridanov's *(s)pora: is hardly a good idea in my opinion, but I can't offer a really convincing alternative. The comparison with Gk. poros 'ford, passage' would work formally, but doesn't explain its great frequency.
A connection of Thracian <-para> with IE <*pel>, Greek <polis>, Skt <pu:'r>, Lith. <pilis>, all meaning 'town', 'fortress' seems evident, but do we have other examples of IE *l> Thr. r?
Regards, Pavel Lurje.