Re: [tied] Gaelic

From: Ian James Parsley (Laptop)
Message: 13693
Date: 2002-05-11


Weel, A jalouse it's no yer blame! A wheen Scots juist decides A'm ane o the
'learner enthusiasts' acause A belang Norlin Airlan. Sae A'm haean tae fecht
fowk frae here as allous thay ar for helpan the leid, whaniver in actual
fact thay'r juist for forderan it for poleetical grunds.

The leid in Ulster is nou deean out *faster* nor ten year syne, acause o
whit sic fowk bes daean. A canna dae research intae it athout fowk allouan A
hae poleetical motivations - that's *waur* nor ten year syne. Sae aa this
govrenment siller is daean the leid skaith.

Moral: it's no siller minoritie leids is needan, but *expertise*. A wee bit
siller wad be a dangersom thing gif the fowk giean it out haes nae notion
about linguistics!