Re: [tied] Uralic and PIE/Danube

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-10-27

Actually, both the D word and the B word were borrowed, though not at the same time and not with the same meaning. Indo-Iranian *daiwas < *deiwos 'heavenly, divine' became FU *taivas 'heaven, sky' (before it developed a pejorative meaning in Iranian), while IIr *bHagas 'one's share, wealth' was borrowed into FU as *pakas 'god' (this time with characteristically Iranian semantics).
Some very old loans include words like *porc'as 'piglet' (with what looks like a common Indo-Iranian affricate, preserved in Nuristani, for IE *k^), while Finnish kehrä 'spindle' (IE *ke:t[s]tro-, cf. Skt. ca:ttra-) is still earlier (it shows no palatalisation of *k, and the *e: preserves its front quality). This particular loan seems to date back to at least ca. 2500 BC.
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There are
> numerous loans from IE into Uralic (mainly into the
> Finno-Ugric subfamily). Some of those are /.../
pre-Proto-Indo-Iranian, perhaps "Proto-Satem" (those
> in which *k^, *g^(H) are reflected as PFU *c', *j,
> and etymological *a, *e, and *o are distinguished).

*****GK: So these would be the words "borrowed" before
ca. 2600 BC or even earlier. Would you have a couple
of examples? What was the word for
"God"? The "b" word or the "d" word?*****