Re: [tied] Re: Will East and West ever meet?

From: george knysh
Message: 10468
Date: 2001-10-20

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> --- In cybalist@..., george knysh <gknysh@...>
> wrote:
> <<The LB Pottery culture which PG posits as a
> starting point only
> reached the westernmost areas of contemporary
> Ukraine, and petered
> out with no discovered archaeological continuations
> there (if one
> believes Ukrainian archaeologists and why not?). It
> has no direct
> links to Trypilja-Cucuteni(Tripolye) and to the
> steppe cultures
> of southern and eastern Ukraine.>>
> You suggested earlier bias and conscious omissions
> in a book connected
> with Colin Renfrew. But I could easily make the
> same suggestion about
> what you've written here.

*****GK: Really? Like what for instance? I think it
would be more interesting for readers here to get
precise points rather than vague innuendos.****

Are you aware of what and
> how much from
> Tripolye has been found at Dereika/"Sredy Stog" and
> the relative
> dating of those materials?

****GK: Indeed I am. It is the Trypilja material at
Dereivka sites (and the Dereivka material at Trypolja
sites) which enabled Ukrainian archaeologists to
synchronize these cultures.*****

I suggest that you have
> a look at e.g. the
> Zwelbil article I cited for you, just to assure
> yourself that you
> aren't again citing out-of-date information.

*****GK: Your concern is touching. I told this forum
exactly why I was unimpressed with Marsha Levine's
treatment of Dereivka. And the vague report of Zwelbil
you offered didn't sound too encouraging. It's as if
he knew nothing about the thousands of horse bones and
splinters found at Dereivka, "only an enclosure". But
perhaps I shouldn't have judged him by the messenger
and I will look at it. Can you read material in East
European languages?******

> sure you wouldn't
> want to be accused of wilfully biased omissions.

*****GL: Do you know what a flatus vocis is Steve?****
> Stev

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