Re: Non-IE elements in IE languages

From: tgpedersen@...
Message: 10433
Date: 2001-10-19

--- In cybalist@..., george knysh <gknysh@...> wrote:
> There was an earlier (and presumably still open)
> discussion in this forum about whether Germanic
> contains as much as 30% non-IE material, or whether
> this is an inflated percentage. I remember Mallory
> ("In search...", 1989) mentioning that perhaps one-
> half of the old Greek lexicon could not yet be
> confirmed as IE, and that the % was even higher in
> Hittite. Has anyone attempted to make similar
> estimations with respect to other IE languages, and if
> so, what were the results (even if not fully corroborated)?
Re: where do those 30% come from, cf.

Cognates in Dravidian and Kartvelian? That would make the Germanic
substrate language at least a Nostratic language? I don't know of any
other attempt to associate the substrate language with other
languages? (but, alas, what do I know?).