Re: Avestan Izha (was Names of god)

From: liberty@...
Message: 9587
Date: 2001-09-19

I forgot that Av. z^ can also come from *g before *d (I don't know
whether this is *g or *g^ in the triple velar series theory). This
would make me wonder if the root of Av. i:z^a:, Sk. i:l.a: and Sk.
i:d.ya- isn't the zero grade of Sk. yaj- (Av. yaz-) "to worship".

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> I just thought of something. Since z^ doesn't occur between vowels
> within a word in Avestan but only out of *s after RUKI and when
> voiced by the following consonant, then in an unattested dialect of
> Avestan the cluster *-Vz^d- could have reduced to -V:z^- and filled
> that empty slot without disturbing the system of contrasts (or
> whatever it's called). I:z^a: could then be a borrowing from that
> dialect.
> -David