Re: [tied] p>f>h Celtic, Castillian , Basque, etc

From: Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
Message: 9556
Date: 2001-09-17

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001 14:44:27 +0200, David Sánchez
<davius_sanctex@...> wrote:

>In Basque we dont have p- (except in loans).

This can indeed be construed as an areal feature, shared by Basque,
Iberian, and... Celtic.

>In fact we have pair like:
>ahotz / abotz 'voice' that suggest the existence of *apots / abotz (in
>some aspects Basque seems to have been indifferent to voice contrasts,
>like Iberian).

The [B] in <abotz> is simply a hiatus-breaker (in dialects that have
lost the /h/). Cf. <gau> "night", <gaua> ~ <gaba> "the night", <gau
on> ~ <gabon> "good night", etc.