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Date: 2001-09-17

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Thankyou Piotr,
that well fits the geography of Entwistle and Tintwistle. The latter's Domesday name of Tengestvisie, or 1600 AD Tinihtwisell, probably indicates 'tang' anyway, and so we do have your entire translation '(a tongue of land at) a confluence or branching of rivers' in this case, without the need for your brackets.

Does this this make Kvasir a *Twasir long ago? [We're getting dangerously close to English terms of abuse in this case!]

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OE twisla , no doubt related tio Old Norse kvýsl 'branch, fork', kvýsla 'to branch out'.
>Another example of tv > kv is German Quark 'cottage cheese' from Lower Sorbian twarog (PSl. *tvarogU).
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>... I'd like to hear people's opinions on some toponyms near me that end in -twistle or -twizzle. Is this from an OE word related to this Danish Kvissel one?

>Vae victis.

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