Re: Pelasgian, Tyrrhenian, and Achaean

From: jdcroft@...
Message: 9541
Date: 2001-09-17

JSCrary wrote

> Thessalia was divided into four districts; Hestiaotis in the
> northwest, Pelasgiotis in the northeast, Thessaliotis in the
> southwest and Phthiotis in the southeast. Also in periods of
> war an overall commander was selected called tagos.

Interesting that I have seen maps which suggest that Pelasgiotis was
the "launching pad" for the PLST, the Peleset, whom the Bible calls
Philistines. One wonders whether the original of this word was not
something like *PLSGT?

I also find the Pelasgian association with Delphi convincing. It
would seem that the oracle has a deep pre-Greek history stretching
back into the Bronze Age (if not earlier).

On a different tack. I have seen it suggested that up to 30% of
Classic Greek vocabulary is Non I-E, from its Pelasgian substrate.
Does anyone know of any analysis of this in terms of specific items
that can or cannot be compared to Etruscan-Tyrrhenian? I would think
that such an analysis would settle the Tyrrhenian-Pelasgian dispute
once and for all.