Re: Pelasgian, Tyrrhenian, and Achaean

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9504
Date: 2001-09-15


Again its Strabo, Geography

Among the Greeks, however, this city was in good repute both for
bravery and for righteousness; for it not only abstained from all
piracy, although particularly well fitted therefore, but also set up
at Pytho [Delphi] what is called "the treasury of the Agyllaei "; for
what is now Caere was formerly called Agylla, and is said to have
been founded by Pelasgi who had come from Thessaly.

Again this says that the Pelasgians from Thessaly migrated to Italy
and founded Caere.

The fact that Caere was later called a Tyrrhenian city state
indicates Pelasgian is an earlier and general term and Tyrrhenian is
latter and specific.

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JS Crary