Re: Pelasgian, Tyrrhenian, and Achaean

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Date: 2001-09-15

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> John Croft Wrote:
> >Conversely the Etruscans of Caere claimed descent
> from the Thessalian Pelasgoi.<
> What is the source reference for this
> JS Crary

I know Strabo mentioned this in the Etruria section of Geography.

He also said:

"Many have likewise asserted that the nations of the Epirus are
Pelasgic, because the dominions of the Pelasgi have extended so far.
And, as many of the hoeroes have been named Pelasgi, because the
dominions extended so far.
And, as many of the heroes have been named Pelasgi, later writers
have applied the same name to the nations over which they were the
Thus, Lesbos has been called Pelasgic, and Homer has called the
people bordering on the Cilices in the Troad Pelasgic."

He also said that a few Pelasgians accompanied the rest of the
Tyrrhenians on the voyage westward to Italy.(Sorry, don't have the
quote written down, but I'm pretty sure that's what he said). This
seems to imply that as far as Strabo is concerned, most of the
Tyrrhenians who went westward were not Pelasgians per se, but were
known as such.

-Mr. Caws