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Date: 2001-09-15

And about grammar and others you have this address (I'm sure you Miguel already know it)
May you find points 2.1 and so on interesting.
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>This has been confusing me ever since Piotr wrote something that seemed to
>equate Occitan and Gascon. I had always thought Gascon was much more
>influenced by Basque, as per the name. But on reflection, endings like -itz
>in trobaritz sure don't look Romance, and sound more like Basque. What is
>the story with these two: both have an Aquitanian substrate, but Occitan
>more romanized, or what?

There is very little Basque in Gascon morphology, syntax or lexicon.
Only in the phonology is the fact that Gascon is a Romance language on
a Vasconic substrate somewhat better recognizable.  There is no reason
to assume a Basque substrate in the other Occitan dialects.

What is "trobaritz"?  I think "you (pl.) will find" in Occitan should
be "trobaretz", which is quite an unremarkable form (Latin 2pl. *-etis
-> Fr. -ez, Occ. -etz, Cast. -eis, Rom. -et,i /-ets'/) in comparison
with the bizarre Catalan -eu < *-eT < *-ets < -etis.

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