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You are right. Thank you for clarifying.

Registan does not mean Rajastan. It does not mean regal either. It
means a desert.

Also for those interested, perhaps a visit to a schoolboys atlas will
clarify matters.

Rajastan is today a western province in India, bordering on Pakistan.

Much of Rajastan is desert, known as the Thar Desert, which also
covers part of Pakistan.

During medieval and Colonial times, this province was known as
Rajputana - home of the rajputs. This province was made up of a
number of small kingdoms.

many legends of valour, chivalry etc emanate from this area.

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> > Please clarify. What cannot be right ?? Registan is a common
hindi term for a desert? What am I missing ?
> Mark suggested a connection with Raja-sthan. THAT can't be right,
The "desert" word can't be "King-land".
> As for the etymology of <registan>, I'm still in the dark. I have a
couple of ideas but no means to verify them right now. My best guess
so far is that it derives from something like *raiku-sta:na-
("empty/deserted country"), cf. Skt. reku
> Ravi
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