Re: [tied] Afghanistan.

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-09-12

Arachosia is Hellenised *haraxWati: (Av. haraxvaiti:) < *saras-wati:, where *-wat-i: is the female counterpart of *-want- (*-mant-) '-having', and *saras- is PIE *sel-es- 'pool' or perhaps *ser-es- 'current'.
Ariana is based on Avestan haroiyu-/hare- (modern Hari-rud), Sanskrit sarayu-, possibly derived from the same root (*ser-) as Sarasvati, though not _directly_ related.
The names Khorasan and Khwarizm are unrelated to Sarasvati, though I can't tell you at the moment what the exact etymology is (they derive from something with initial *xW- < *sw-, at any rate).
Helmand, by the way, is etymologically *haitu-mant- 'having bridges' (cf. Avestan haetu-, Skt. setu-), hence also its Classical name Etymander.
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Are Arachosia (haraxvaiti:) , Khorasan and Khwarazm (Khorezm) cognates?
Does Ariana (Haroyu) bear on them?