Re: [tied] Thucydides+Tyrrhenian again

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9386
Date: 2001-09-12


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>A new thought. What if Pelasgians came from Greece post 3000 BCE,
settling in Anatolia with the Tyrrhenians, whereby splitting up by
1500-1000 BCE to become Etruscan, Rhaetic and Lemnian. Is this your
thinking? I think somebody mentioned this before... I'm a little slow
but I'm coming around.<

This is basically my thinking except:

The Pelasgians would have to had entered Greece around the same time
as or just before the proto-Hellenic speakers, very late in the Early
Helladic (EH) or EBA, or very early in the Middle Helladic (MH) or
MBA. In part this may be associated with the destruction levels in
EH II a and EH II b and resettlement in EH III. This new assemblage
is referred to as the Tiryns Culture. Again, the impression I get
from the Hellenic sources is that Pelasgian was unrelated to the
Hellenic, but were somehow connected to the early Hellenic movement
into Greece. Instead, the references to the Minyan, whatever it is,
appears in part to relate to the EH or Korakou Culture.

This basic shift is also seen with the EBIII destruction of Troy III
and resettlement of Troy IV-V, Limantepe near Izmir, Thermi on
Lesbos, and Poliochni on Lemnos. The insular resettlements seem
local, but on the mainland, the ceramic assemblage is new and
centered on west coastal Anatolia. However, I'm not sure if this
would be associated with a Pelasgian move.

Because of the similarities in at least Etruscan and Lemnian, as
examples of Tyrrhenian, the split of Tyrrhenian had to have occurred
no earlier than the Late Helladic (LH) or LBA.