Re: [tied] Danubian homeland?

From: Rex H. McTyeire
Message: 9350
Date: 2001-09-11

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O-:From: Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
O-:I suspect Srubnaya represents the proto-Cimmerian group.

Yes..IMO..depending on the relationship to Sabatinovka to its west and
south, and there are two views (also answering in part a filed question from
J. S. Crary, from old notes..I am still waiting for some local new
imput/updates..wrong season to ask..field people are busy:

Sabatinovka: Late Bronze, NE Pontic, W of Azov, Lower Dnieper center
(extending into Ukraine/less so Moldova)
Either (the two views) :
1) Sub-phase of Srubnaja (Srubna), differing by climate and ag
2) Contemporary, independent, only influenced by neighboring
Srubnaja to its N and E (after J. P. Gerskovic, Ger. '99)
Follows catacomb grave culture, but incorporates elements in ceramics.
Common: bulged pottery (? Don't know style/no photo@...), fishing attested
by bones/tools
Two phases:
1) (paleobot) ag economy: wheat, barley and millet. Cattle dominate
animal bones, some sheep, goat, horses.
2) Increased sheep, goats, horses. Horses, horse husbandry/tech,
mobility increase after late 2nd Millennium
(Climate/economic change..cooler dryer, or intrusive influence ?) Cultural
signature decays after change and into early iron (IMO supporting intrusive
influence with the late 2nd Mn changes and continuous thereafter).(Changes
here and focus on horse tech contribute {IMO} to a too early dating and
"oversizing" of Scythia...and downsizing of both Sauromatia/Thrace.)

( I have nothing filed on Bjelozerka..waiting.)

Cu Stima;
Rex H. McTyeire
Bucharest, Romania