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> > I don't copy it fully unto here because my post is already very
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> > but Torsten perhaps would like to comment on this:
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> > The allies of Priam also included Ethiopians under Memnon;14 the
> > Ethiopian allies of Priam must date in all probability to the
> period
> > when the Ethiopians were one of the most honored nations, highly
> > regarded for their military prowess. What is called here
> > were actually Sudanese: in Egyptian history the Ethiopian Dynasty
> and
> > their most glorious period is dated from ca. -712 to -663, when
> > Ashurbanipal pursued Tirhaka to Thebes, occupied it, and expelled
> the
> > Ethiopian from Egypt proper. The tradition concerning Memnon, the
> > Ethiopian warrior who came to the help of Troy, would reasonably
> > limit the time of the conflict also to the end of the eighth and
> the
> > beginning of the seventh century.15 The possibility of an
> > landing at Troy in the days of the Ethiopian pharaoh Tirhaka need
> not
> > be dismissed because of the remoteness of the place: as just
> > close to the middle of the seventh century, and possibly at an
> > earlier date, Gyges, the king of Sardis, sent in the reverse
> > direction Carian and Ionian mercenaries to assist the Egyptian
> > Psammetichus in throwing off the Assyrian hegemony.
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> from Snorri's prolog:
> Near the centre of the world where what we call Turkey lies, was
> built the most famous of all palaces and halls - Troy by name. That
> town was built on a much larger scale than others then in existence
> and in many ways with greater skill, so lavishly was it equipped.
> There were twelve kingdoms with one over-king, and each kingdom
> contained many peoples. In the citadel were twelve chieftains and
> these excelled other men then living in every human fashion. One of
> the kings was called Múnón or Mennón. He married a daughter of the
> chief king Priam who was called Tróáin, and they had a son named
> Trór - we call him Thór. He was brought up in Thrace by a duke
> Loricus and, when he was ten years old, he received his father's
Another thing that might interest you: Some people have associated
the arrival of the Odin people in Sweden with the arrival of the
Svear in the Mälar region. That means Sweden was territory of the
Götar or Goths before that time.


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