Re: [tied] Danubian homeland?

From: pva@...
Message: 9290
Date: 2001-09-10

Could the Yamnaya Culture represent elements of the proto-Anatolian
Language Group, spilt early to form a post-Anatolian group? This
followed by the Srubnaya Culture as a proto-Indo-Iranian Language
Group, with the more eastern Andronovo Culture as Indo-Iranian?

If this is the case the local CWC-BAC expressions would have to
represent in part, elements of the Finno-Ugric Language Group. Within
this context the terminal stage of the GAC or Beaker expansion into
north central Europe can only be associated with the post-Anatolian
group having Common Celt on its leading western edge. Recent
excavations in north central Poland have documented MBA circular
barrow burials that appear strikingly similar to EIA examples in
central Germany and eastern France. Again more data needed.

JS Crary