Thucydides+Tyrrhenian again

From: MrCaws@...
Message: 9264
Date: 2001-09-09

I looked up Tyrrhenian in The History of the Peloponnesian war, and
got this quote.

"The cities in Acte are Sane, a colony of Andros, which is just on
the sea facing towards Wuboea, and also Thyssus, Cleone, Acrothoi,
Olophyxus, and Dium-all these latter towns being inhabited by mixed
foreign races, speaking both Greek and their own dialects. There is
also a small Chalcidian element, but the majority are Pelasgian, of
the Tyrrhenian race that once lived in Lemnos and Athens..."

Here, Thucydides refers to Tyrrhenians as a subset of Pelasgians, and
furthermore puts said Tyrrhenians as former Athenians.

-Mr. Caws