Re: Odin again?/Trmmeli

From: MrCaws@...
Message: 9218
Date: 2001-09-08

> "Tyrant" <turann-os> was another of those tr- words I picked up.
> Lycian <trmmeli> "Lycian" was another. (= Trojan?)
> Torsten

The trmmeli were the names the Lycians called themselves prior to
the Greeks' arrival, and appear to have come from Crete in the middle
to late bronze age. They are known for, among other things, the
frescoes that closely resemble those found in Etruria.
Another ruin thingy found in ancient Lycia is the Harpy monument,
which is known as such for the winged spirit figures that adorn the
tomb. Although named for the resemblence with the nasty Greek harpies,
Trevor Bryce among others have contested this and say that they are
guardian spirits associated with grave sites and ancestors.
Winged ancestor spirits,or Lasae, figured prominently in Etruscan
mythic art, and were still known as "Lassi" in 19th century Tuscany
according to Charles Godfrey Leland's work.

-Mr. Caws