FW: Re: [tied] Re: Kraków and other enigmas

From: celteuskara@...
Message: 9215
Date: 2001-09-08

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>>Probably irrelevant, but has Krak des chevaliers in Syria anything to
>>offer, or is it a local name?
>I read, years ago in a book on the Mediterranean called First Eden [from a TV series by David Attenborough the famous UK media naturalist], that it was named so because of its strategic position on a high rocky outcrop. I assumed this was a French word borrowed from Breton or Gaulish, similar to many such forms known in Celtic, and possibly related to a Basque word.
I suppose this is the word that Celtic derivations of Krakow use. Not to suggest a Celtic monopoly on the bird [!], but if it is connected with corvids then our Bran/Brennus might be responsible, somewhere down the line.

Beinn Mac an Gheairr

>Vae victis.

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