Re: Did IE languages spread before farming?

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Date: 2001-09-06

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> Pace Anthony, the problem is slightly more complex.
> First, the Anatolian languages have to be excluded. Apart from
> hissa- `draft pole', which may be related to Slavic *ojes- and/or
> Skt. i:s.a:, vehicle technology is not much in evidence there; even
> the Anatolian `horse' words look like loans from (Mitanni) Indo-
> Secondly, there is no single term for `wheel' or `wagon' in non-
> Anatolian IE, but rather clusters of lexemes derived from a small
> number of roots: the wheel word is either *roth2-o-/-ah2 or
> , the latter with branch-specific variants; `wagon/cart' words are
> _various_ independent derivatives of *weg^H-e- `carry' (used also
> water, wind, boats, etc.). The horse (*[h1]ek^wos) was no doubt
> to speakers of ancestral non-Anatolian IE, but the word may also
> referred to wild horses.
Or *w-gh- may hay been borrowed from Austronesian into AfroAsiatic
and later into IndoEuropean

cf Stephen Oppenheimer: "Eden in the East" on post-diluvial
dispersion of people and various cultural items (first into the al-
Ubaid culture?)