Re: Tyrrhenian context

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9014
Date: 2001-09-04


Yes, interesting

Initially, when in school I thought I had this Sea Peoples thing all
figured out. I supposed that they all had come from someplace in the
middle Mediterranean; Italy and Sardinian. That by sea they helped to
over through the old palace system of the Aegean, Anatolia, Levant,
and Palestine.

However, Glen has caused me revisit this issue and I clearly see now
I was wrong and the archaeology simply doesn't fit.

Also interesting are the Egyptian records that appear to list a
specific cluster of ethno-districts in western Anatolia and eastern
Aegean. At Karnak Merneptah recorded the A-qi-ya-wa-sa-Ekwesh, Ta-ru-
sa-Tursha, Rw-ku, Sa-ra-d-n-Sherden, and Sa-k(a)-ru-su-Sheklesh.
Again Ekwesh-Achaeans, Tursha-Tyras, Sherden-Sardis, and Sheklesh or
Sikels-Sagalassa all appear to be of ethno-districts in western
Anatolia and eastern Aegean.

I notice that the term Peleset is missing here.

However, about 25 years latter Ramses III lists the Pe-ra-sa-ta-
Peleset, Tjikar-Tjekker, Sa-k(a)-ru-su-Sheklesh, Danuna-Danu, and
Wasasa-Weshesh at Medinet Habu. Here the Peleset are named but the
Teresh-Tursha-Tyrrhenoi are missing. Could this be because the
Peleset is a more general term that includes the Tursha, Rw-ku, and

Have to return to the field for another week

JS Crary